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Past Incentives

  • Over the short history of the Weslaco EDC, businesses large and small have benefitted from incentivized support. The value of financial incentives is a powerful tool towards bringing jobs and growing our economy. For a complete listing of incentives issued since 2001, click on the Excel attachment below.

    Past Present Incentives Report


  • Local
  • Hidalgo County
  • State of Texas
  • Federal
  • Freeport and Goods in Transit Exemptions
  • The Weslaco EDC is able to assist in accessing these incentives.
  • Local

    Acquiring an incentive from the EDC of Weslaco is based primarily on new job creation, a capital investment or dollar amount investment made by the business owner and taxes generated by new business. For special projects, the City of Weslaco the EDC will consider rebates on ad valorem tax. Business incentives are a result of a half-cent sales tax intended to promote economic development in Weslaco.

  • Hidalgo County

    Through this program, the County may provide incentives for certain private and/or public developers and businesses that will make a measureable difference in achieving economic growth and development, expanding and diversifying the tax base and creating new employment opportunities. The County will only consider granting such incentives to business and industry to the help alleviate underdeveloped, unproductive and/or blighted areas in the County that, without such incentives, would not normally be developed or redeveloped.

  • State of Texas

    “Texans have always been hard working, driven, innovative and fiercely ambitious to achieve things tomorrow that don’t exist today. Our goal is to ensure that the next generation builds on that legacy and perpetuates the Texas brand of exceptionalism.”

         - Gov. Greg Abbott, Nov. 10, 2016

    For more information on Texas’s “Wide Open for Business” initiative, navigate through the attached website to learn of State Incentives.

  • Federal

    A strategic initiative for importers and exporters is Weslaco’s Foreign Trade Zone distinction. Utilizing an FTZ can significantly reduce costs from custom duties paid on merchandise, taxes and tariffs and improve global market competitiveness. So for manufacturing companies looking at Weslaco to grow or expand, the benefits of the FTZ designation allow companies greater cash flow which improves their bottom line.

    Click here to view Opportunity Zone Map and Information in Weslaco, TX

    View Foreign Trade Zones In Texas Map

  • Freeport and Goods in Transit Exemptions

    Sections 11.251, 11.437 and 11.253, Tax Code and Article 8, Sec. 1-j of the Texas Constitution

    Section 11.251 of the Tax Code provides for a freeport exemption applying to goods, wares, ores and merchandise other than oil, gas and petroleum products (defined as liquid and gaseous materials immediately derived from refining petroleum or natural gas) and to aircraft or repair parts used by a certificated air carrier. The freeport goods qualify if they leave Texas within 175 days from the date they are brought into or acquired in the state.

Development Resources

The Weslaco EDC will work diligently to provide new and existing businesses, all the necessary tools and resources to grow and thrive in Weslaco, The Rio Grande Valley and each respective business market.



View details about a specific industry
  • Healthcare

    National Award Winning Full Service Hospital

    Health care services include a nationally ranked, full service hospital, urgent and emergency care providers, pharmaceutical resources and three certified school nursing programs. 

  • Economic Impact Study of the RGV Healthcare & Bioscience Industry

    For results click here

    Economic Impact Study of the RGV Healthcare & Bioscience Industry
  • Knapp Community Care Foundation

    A nonprofit private foundation, formed in fall of 2012 with assets of $110 million. KCCF has granted over $16 million to local and national organizations..


    Knapp Community Care Foundation
  • Knapp Medical Center earned an “A”

    Knapp Medical Center earned an “A” for patient safety in spring 2018, from the Leapfrog Group, a national healthcare ratings organization. 

    Knapp Medical Center earned an “A”
  • Valley Baptist Micro-Hospital-Weslaco

    A single-story acute care hospital used for the accommodation and medical care of low-acuity patients and the provisions of ambulatory and emergency services. 

    Valley Baptist Micro-Hospital-Weslaco
  • Supply Companies

    Supply Companies located in Weslaco


    The supply industry sustains skill and salary level jobs with a revolving inventory to service industry and manufacturing in a four county region.

    Supply Companies
  • Logistics

    Headquarters to ColiMex, Ci Logistics & NAMCE

    Weslaco’s central location to Texas and Mexico allows logistics companies to distribute products fast and efficiently.

  • Education

    Major University / College Extensions in Weslaco


    Higher education in the RGV has concentrated efforts on expanding in the Mid Valley as a primary means of growth and deploying a well-educated talent pool. 

  • Agriculture Research

    Home to Texas A & M AgriLife Extension and DuPont/Pioneer

    Anchored in Weslaco are seed developers and suppliers like DuPont/Pioneer and research-based programs from Texas A & M AgriLife Extensions, improving farming on an international scale.


    Agriculture Research
  • Retail

    Increase of new Jobs (2001 - 2015)


    Surrounding communities, Winter Texans from the north and Mexican shoppers from the south, make up nearly half a million shoppers choosing Weslaco’s retail industry.




65% of Weslaco's population is 21 or older providing a trained and readily available workforce for industries looking to grow their business. Hands on training and state certification can be earned at several vocational education and IT technical schools in Weslaco.

Resource : Skills development Fund

Skills Development provides grants to community and technical colleges to provide customized job training program for businesses who want to train new workers or upgrade the skills of their existing workforce.


Educated Population


Populations 30 years or older.


Completed high school, have some college, an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree or graduates with professional degrees

Largest Employers


Education Healthcare & Retail are the largest employers in Weslaco.

Job Growth


Weslaco is projected to see an increase between 2016 & 2025 over state and nation according to the Texas Workforce Solutions.

Mid Valley

Industrial Park

Over 45 industries, of which half are listed below, are thriving along the 235 acres of land at the City of Weslaco's Mid Valley Industrial Park. Freight requirements for companies in the Valley and Mexico can be expedited through the use of the adjoining Mid Valley Airport along with immediate access to Interstate Highway 2.


Building Specialties (L&W Supplies) • Colimex • Bimbo Bakeries USA • GCR Tires & Services • Liquid Environmental Solutions • Metal USA Building Products • Mountain Glasier • Mid Valley Trucking & Trailer Repair • Cross Point Cold Storage • A W Produce Company, Inc. • Superior Sales West, Inc. • Southern Shingles • La Abuela Mexican Foods • Maverick Industrial Services • Motion Industries • SESA Fleet Services • Southern Freight Liners • Ci Logistics • AC/DC Signs • Anderson Columbia, Inc. • Robinson Fresh • J. R. Inc. • CiL • CiL Fresh


Texas Gas Service • AEP • MVEC • VTX • Spectrum • AT&T • Smart Com • Verizon • Sprint

62K Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)
11.6% Heavy Truck Traffic

Will see 310,000 sq. ft. in new construction in 2017-18
Featured Projects
  • Weslaco Palm Plaza Phase 1 Redevelopment 2021

  • New Retail Plaza Coming Spring 2021

  • La Abuela Foods Company Expanding

  • La Abuela Foods Update February 2021

  • Harbor Freight Tools, LLC, Now Open

  • Partnership with the City of Weslaco on a airport expansion (adding 4 hangers.)

  • Weslaco 100 Grant Program

  • Small businesses to benefit from STC job training grant awarded by Weslaco EDC

  • UTRGV Center for Innovation & Commercialization (CIC)

  • Texas A & M University Kingsville Engineer Program

  • Weslaco Palm Plaza Phase 1 Redevelopment 2021

    Project Details

    Weslaco Palm Plaza major renovation plans for 2021-2022.

  • New Retail Plaza Coming Spring 2021

    Project Details

    New Retail Plaza coming in 2021, right off of Expressway 83 , in front of Lowes. Businesses confirmed: Wing Barn and Sports Clip. Stay tuned for more updates

  • La Abuela Foods Company Expanding

    Project Details

    The construction at La Abuela Foods, located inside the Mid Valley Industrial Park in Weslaco, TX, has begun. The company is adding 10,500 sq. ft. of space and three additional tortilla making machines.

  • La Abuela Foods Update February 2021

    Project Details

    La Abuela Foods, located inside the Mid Valley Industrial Park, continues on their 10, 500 sq. ft. expansion. As of February 2021, they are about 80 % close to completion.

  • Harbor Freight Tools, LLC, Now Open

    Project Details

    Harbor Freight Tools officially opened for business in November 2020, here in Weslaco, TX.

  • Partnership with the City of Weslaco on a airport expansion (adding 4 hangers.)

    Project Details

  • Weslaco 100 Grant Program

    Project Details

    The southern-most section of Weslaco’s historic downtown district is lined with near century old and uniquely designed homes and buildings. Over time, many of these buildings begin to deteriorate and are in need of repairs and modern day makeovers, so the Weslaco EDC instituted the Weslaco 100 Grant Program designed to help business owners with the cost of repairs, renovations and façade improvements. The Tamez Financial Group is one of many examples.

  • Small businesses to benefit from STC job training grant awarded by Weslaco EDC

    Project Details

    High wage-high skill jobs are critical to improving regional prosperity and a better quality of life for Valley families, according to STC leaders who have announced a brand new partnership with Weslaco EDC to increase high skill, high wage jobs in the Mid-Valley region. At a check signing ceremony on Nov. 1, Weslaco presented STC with a $100,000 grant to be used by the college to provide customized training for small businesses in retail, manufacturing, and logistics. The funding period for the grant is from Oct. 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2019.

  • UTRGV Center for Innovation & Commercialization (CIC)

    16,196 sq ft of Incubator Space

    5,952 sq ft of Ph. D Business Space

    Completion Date, Aug. 2018

    Project Details

    UTRGV’s presence in the Mid Valley begins with an entrepreneurial initiative giving way to a creative, innovative and business minded culture in the region. New business developers often have brilliant ideas, but with limited resources to grow. But through the CIC, valuable space, internet access, telephone and certain supplies and materials will be made available for a fraction of the cost when compared to commercial leasing prices.

  • Texas A & M University Kingsville Engineer Program

    Increase of job opportunities for Masters Professionals

    Growing populations of a skilled and educated workforce

    Project Details

    TAMUK engineering courses are now available on the same campus grounds for all students attending STC’s Mid Valley Campus as well as at the Frank H. Dotterweich facility north on FM 1015. Weslaco city leaders and TAMUK administrators together agree that TAMUK’s progressive growth into Weslaco was a necessary move towards creating a more regional distribution of expanding educational opportunities for all Rio Grande Valley students.

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