Let's Do Business

"At the City of Weslaco, our doors are open for business!" - Mayor Suarez at the State of the City Address 2022


Whether you are wanting to develop a business, relocate, or expand - let us help you find the right location and discuss what the City of Weslaco has to offer. 

The Weslaco EDC's incentives revolve around investments that include small business development, large retail development, and job creation. For special projects, the City of Weslaco will consider rebates on ad valorem tax. 

Below is a list of county and state incentives.

County Incentives State Incentives
The County may provide incentives for certain private and/or public developers and businesses that will make a measurable difference in achieving economic growth and development, expanding and diversifying the tax base and creating new employment opportunities. 

Texas takes the initiative to invest in its future by offering competitive incentives to companies who are creating jobs and driving innovation in Texas.