Workforce Solutions hosts Second Chance Job Fair

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WESLACO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Workforce Solutions has collaborated with the Weslaco Economic Development Corporation in hosting a Second Chance Job Fair.

The job fair serves as a platform for formerly jailed individuals to showcase their skills and experience to potential employers who value diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

The event focused on second chances and creating pathways to meaningful employment. It underscores the importance of supporting individuals in their journey toward reintegration into the workforce.

Employers participating in the job fair had the chance to tap into a pool of talented individuals eager to contribute to their organizations’ success.

“The Bureau of Justice Statistics claims that approximately 60% of formerly incarcerated individuals struggle with unemployment, which is why we find it important to host these types of hiring events,” said Francisco Almaraz, WFS Chief Executive Officer. “We aim to provide individuals the chance to connect with employers who are committed to offering opportunities to those that have been through the justice system.”