Weslaco Economic Development: Pioneering Growth in South Texas

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Weslaco Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the Rio Grande Valley Partnership recently organized a commercial tour attended by entrepreneurs, developers, and leaders from South Texas. The event, held at Glazer's Beer and Beverage facilities, highlighted the competitive advantages Weslaco, Texas, offers to investors across various sectors.

Key areas such as industry, logistics, and the commercial sector were emphasized during the tour. Additionally, attention was drawn to the skilled workforce and professional training centers known for producing professionals well-versed in the latest industry trends.

As part of the South Texas region, Steven Valdez, Executive Director of Weslaco EDC, noted that competitive advantages are continuously increasing, citing examples such as the recent opening of empty truck traffic through the Donna International Bridge. He highlighted ongoing efforts in the region to establish new air, sea, and land connections to facilitate trade.

Jerry Gonzalez, Chairman of the Weslaco EDC Board, echoed Valdez's sentiments, emphasizing the incentives available to new investors in terms of taxes and the advantages of having a young and innovative workforce.

Mayor Adrian Gonzalez reiterated the sentiment, stating that Weslaco is an ideal destination for business and growth. He expressed excitement about the city's significant growth in recent years and its promising future plans.

Daniel Silva, President of RGV Partnership, emphasized Weslaco's importance in promoting economic development in South Texas. He highlighted its privileged geographic location within the region's most important logistics corridor, which streamlines commercial processes.

Steven Valdez, Executive Director of Weslaco EDC, underscored the immediate availability of land for businesses, particularly with the recent inauguration of a new industrial park. Valdez emphasized that this expansion will translate into more jobs and benefits for the entire community. He conveyed the message that Weslaco is fully prepared in all aspects, and the EDC stands ready to support investors in their endeavors.