The weslaco advantage

Central location

If you can't find what you're looking for with over 1,500 registered business in Weslaco, you can go 20 to 60 minutes in either direction and find all that your heart may desire.

  • 10 Mi

    International Border Crossings

  • 20 Min

    Full Service Airports

  • 60 MIN

    South Padre Island

City of Weslaco HUB

  • Business

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Leaders in manufacturing, industrial and logistic companies like NAMCE, Coli-Mex, Maverick Systems and Mission Foods see a clear vantage point in Weslaco’s progressive business minded atmosphere. From an open and welcoming government to a young and skilled labor force, business in Weslaco sustains a positive growing future.

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    • Acreage available for Industries

    • Accessible highways leading north & south

  • Unique and one of a kind items can be found in our historic downtown district and most major retail stores that base expansion requirements on growth and population see Weslaco's central location and surrounding communities as a place to do business.

    "As a community leader, please pay close attention to the needs of your mom & pop retailers as we re-open our businesses. For those who survive the COVID-19 closures, they must adapt their business practices to include a stronger e-commerce and social platform presence. Their futures will depend on it."

     - Kelly Cofer, Founder & CEO - The Retail Coach, LLC

    • $1.3B

      Gross Rate Point (GRP) 2015

    • 100s

      Available acres along highway frontage

  • Our college student population can save money by studying on campuses in their home town of Weslaco. South Texas College is undergoing a $34 million dollar expansion. Vocational nursing programs and technical schools take advantage of our central location. Weslaco's public schools are award winning and home to IDEA Public Schools & world headquarters.

    • Highest student population for South Texas College Mid Valley Campus

    • Texas A&M Kingsville Engineering Program

  • Infrastructure

    • Airport
    • Highways
    • Bridges
    • Railroads
    • Transportation
    • Airport

      Weslaco Mid Valley Airport

      By 2025, The Weslaco Mid Valley Airport will become an active and economically vibrant regional contributor to the entire South Texas region and has an ongoing runway rehabilitation project and 1000-foot extension underway.

      • Long-term and consistent leasing policy through the airport

      • High end customer service, rental cars and updated terminal facilities

    • Highways

      Hwy 83 / I-2

      Hwy 83/Interstate 2 runs east & west evenly through the center of Weslaco allowing for northern and southern business markets close proximity to a major thoroughfare. Weslaco’s central location to the region of South Texas means travel north to places like Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston & Dallas is easily accessible through Highways 281 and 77.

      • Military Hwy only 3 miles south of Interstate Hwy 2, closest highway to Mexico

      • Over weight corridor along the outer boundaries of Weslaco at FM 1015 & Bus. Hwy 83

    • Bridges

      Progreso International Bridge

      Mexico's new transcontinental highway leads trade, industry, tourism and shopping to 13 international border crossing within an hour of Weslaco and two, Nuevo Progreso and Donna Rio Bravo International Bridges only 10 minutes to our south. Weslaco's contribution to the most important economic corridor in the continent is a high priority.

      • Million in Commercial Trade


      • Trucks Crossing


      • Automobile Lanes


    • Railroads

      Weslaco railways

      Railroad traffic is a useful gauge of economic growth in Weslaco as Rio Valley Switching Company (RVSC) interchanging with Union Pacific, provide connectivity to all Valley cities in South Texas. RVSC services provides logistical transfer expertise in plastic packaging, auto parts, steel coil and many other specialty service transfers.

      • From City Limits signs going east to west, the city maintains a fully operational railway system through Rio Valley Switching Company.

      • Union Pacific

    • Transportation

      Transportation & Logistics

      The region of South Texas supports all means of transportation including commercial & private aviation, overseas cargo through the Port of Brownsville, public transit, international trucking, auto and an increased interest in biking. The RGV is approximately 240 miles south of San Antonio, 350 miles to Houston, 1,150 to Atlanta & 1,972 miles to New York City.

      • Overweight Corridor in Weslaco

      • Valley Transit Headquarters in Weslaco


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    Weslaco's lifestyle in many ways resembles its culture and heritage. Family traditions, hard work ethics, and a pursuit of a quality of life fosters a clean community, a dependable workforce and education as the equalizing factor in our pursuit of greater wealth and prosperity.

    • Avg. Cost of Living


      Below National Avg
    • Avg. Home Price


    • Population


      2019 Census
    • Property Taxes

      APX 2+

      per 100 Valuation

      Quality education

      Almost 7,000 students are either graduating high school or attending post-secondary education in Weslaco, preparing to enter the workforce.

    • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

      University of Texas Rio Grande Valley continues to maintain a presence in the Mid Valley with the establishment of an incubator for entrepreneurs.

    • Texas A & M Kingsville Engineering Program

      In September, 2016, the City of Weslaco and Texas A & M Kingsville Engineering program, signed a MOU establishing an Engineering program in Weslaco.

    • Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Center

      Since 1915 AgriLife has provided science-based programs, tools & resources to farmers on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border.

    • South Texas College

      STC’s Mid Valley Campus continues to grow specializing in degrees in nursing & allied health, workforce development training and $34 mil. in building expansions.

    • Valley Grande Institute

      87% of VGI students find jobs within 1-4 months of graduating, earning up to $42k in the first year.

    • South Texas Vo-Tech

      As a trade school in Weslaco, STVT prepares students for careers in some of today’s most desired fields like health care, business accounting & combination welding.

    • Weslaco Independent School District

      WISD maintains the State’s highest accountability rating in the new and more rigorous state exam receiving the “Met Standard” distinction since 2012.

    • IDEA Public Schools & World Headquarters

      100% college bound is the promise made to nearly 30,000 students attending the tuition free Pre-K to 12 public schools.

    • Horizon Montessori School Weslaco

      The school fosters a learning environment where human potential, aesthetics, ethical, intellectual, physical and technological skills are part of the everyday instruction.

    • San Martin Catholic School

      Dedication to the fundamentals of learning in an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth is the school's priority.

    • Mid Valley Christian School

      The school offers a demanding academic curriculum to an “all faith” student body and its faculty reflects it religious diversity.

    • First Christian Academy

      Since 2006 the RGV First Christian Academy has been serving the needs of the Mid Valley by teaching Christian moral and developing leaders.