Healthcare and Wellness

Weslaco is home to a variety of healthcare and wellness facilities that will meet all your medical needs.  

Medical Facilities
  • Knapp Medical Center - Knapp Medical Center is a recognized leader in the United States. Located in Weslaco, Knapp works hard to provide state-of-the-art technology, progressive diagnostic and treatment options, and patient-focused care.

  • Valley Baptist's Micro Hospital - The first of its kind in South Texas, our Valley Baptist Micro Hospital – Weslaco provides both emergency care and general acute care, as it is a full-service hospital, in a more intimate setting.

  • South Texas Health System ER - With around-the-clock emergency care in a convenient setting, South Texas Health System ER Weslaco is a full-service emergency room capable of treating life-threatening injuries and chest pain in addition to minor, but urgent, issues. Radiology and lab equipment are on-site and outpatient services also are available.

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