Healthcare and Wellness

Weslaco is home to a variety of healthcare and wellness facilities that will meet all your medical needs.  

Medical Facilities
  • Knapp Medical Center - Knapp Medical Center is a recognized leader in the United States. Located in Weslaco, Knapp works hard to provide state-of-the-art technology, progressive diagnostic and treatment options, and patient-focused care.

  • Valley Baptist's Micro Hospital - The first of its kind in South Texas, our Valley Baptist Micro Hospital – Weslaco provides both emergency care and general acute care, as it is a full-service hospital, in a more intimate setting.

  • South Texas Health System ER - With around-the-clock emergency care in a convenient setting, South Texas Health System ER Weslaco is a full-service emergency room capable of treating life-threatening injuries and chest pain in addition to minor, but urgent, issues. Radiology and lab equipment are on-site and outpatient services also are available.

  • Weslaco Regional Rehabilitation Hospital  - Weslaco Regional Rehabilitation Hospital provides specialized inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative services to our patients, serving the city of Weslaco and its surrounding cities throughout Hidalgo County and the Rio Grande Valley. We see patients who often are recovering from disabilities caused by injuries, illnesses, or chronic medical conditions.

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