About Us


The Economic Development Corporation of Weslaco (EDCW) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the creation of jobs through the recruitment of new industries and helping existing companies relocate and/or expand. Our objective is job creation and adding wealth to the city of Weslaco.

The EDCW serves as a catalyst in increasing economic wealth and growth in Weslaco by fostering a positive business environment, assisting and facilitating investment in business interests in Weslaco, and adding value to Weslaco’s tax base.

Whether you are launching, expanding, and/or relocating a business, it makes sense to choose Weslaco – it is the Business Center of the Rio Grande Valley!

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The Corporation is organized exclusively to benefit and accomplish public purposes of the City of Weslaco, Texas, by promoting, assisting, and enhancing orderly and proper economic and industrial development activities for the City as provided by the Development Corporation Act of 1979 as amended.

Articles of Incorporation: Read more HERE!
Bylaws: Read more HERE!