The Talent

Weslaco's central location in the Rio Grande Valley is one of many reasons why businesses choose Weslaco - however, businesses also choose Weslaco due to the growing skilled labor force. 
At the Weslaco EDC, we understand the importance of workforce development. Not only is our mission to create jobs and attract businesses, but we also facilitate workforce trainings and provide workshops to assist our local businesses to gain greater skillsets that will in return help them thrive and reach new heights. 

One way the Weslaco EDC fulfills this mission is by partnering with South Texas College to provide free training to Weslaco businesses seeking to train new employees and/or upgrade the current skills of their existing workforce. 
65% of Weslaco's population is 21 or older, providing a trained and readily available workforce for industries looking to grow their business. Hands-on training and state certification can be earned at several vocational education and IT technical schools in Weslaco.

Furthermore, "26.44% of the population in Weslaco have an Associate's Degree or higher" - Rio South Texas Economic Council

The Workforce Solutions Intelligence site has a collection of Labor Market Information (LMI) reports, tools, data, and resources used to guide current and future Workforce Solutions' initiatives. 

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