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Mid-Valley cities’ sales tax gains on greater pace than rest of county

April 17, 2015

While Weslaco, Donna and Elsa posted gains, sales tax collections decreased in five other Mid-Valley cities, according to the Texas Comptroller’s April report reflecting February 2015 receipts.


Weslaco reported $957,764.17 in collections, which is a 1.6 percent jump from February 2014’s $942,668.49. It’s a trend Weslaco’s consistently experienced with 0.39 percent, 18.89 percent, 2.79 percent and 0.57 percent increases according to March, February, January and December reports reflecting January 2015, and December, November and October 2014 collections.


Donna showed a 14.67 percent gain in receipts, from $164,229.17 collected in February 2014 to $188,325.42 this February. With the exception of December 2014, Donna has also seen sizeable gains in previous months, with a 27.01 percent increase in November 2014’s figures reported last month.


Elsa continues its double-digit gains with a 41.18 percent increase in receipts, from $73,969.58 in February 2014 to $104,434.76 this February. Jumps of 60.87 percent, 64.35 percent, 72.13 percent and 26.82 percent were posted in Elsa in each of the last four months.


Mercedes is in a two-month slump as the city posted a 3.11 percent decrease this February, with $465,155.21 reported compared to last February’s $480,092.81, and a 4.84 percent drop in January’s collections, with $435,492.90 compared to last January’s $457,667.84. Increases of 1.44 percent, 14.14 percent and 3.89 percent were reported in Mercedes the previous three months.


Other Mid-Valley cities that reported a decrease in February collections are Edcouch (15.63 percent), La Villa (7.33 percent), Progreso (7.26 percent) and Progreso Lakes (0.68 percent).


The collective Mid-Valley area — consisting of Weslaco, Donna, Mercedes, Progreso, Progreso Lakes, Edcouch, Elsa and La Villa — raked in $1,750,222.70 this February, which is a 3 percent rise from the $1,699,375.61 reported the same time last year.


It’s a bump that’s larger than the collective upper Valley cities — consisting of McAllen, Edinburg, Pharr, San Juan, Alamo, Mission, La Joya, Alton, Granjeno, Hidalgo, Palmhurst, Palmview, Peñitas and Sullivan City — which posted $9,573,247.20 in February receipts. That’s a 2.46 increase compared to the aforementioned upper Valley cities’ combined total in February 2014, which was $9,342,762.76.


In fact, Mid-Valley cities have, for at least the last five months, topped upper Valley communities in percentile gains; 15.18 percent to 2.06 percent in January receipts, 10.83 percent to 1.78 percent in December, 9.08 percent to 5.16 percent in November and 10.32 percent to 7.42 percent in October.


Pointing to Weslaco’s gross sales per capita of $30,066.01, according to the city’s 2014 quarterly sales tax report, Weslaco Economic Development Corp. Executive Director Joey Treviño said, “…Based on our per capita population, we attract other people from outside the area that support our sales in Weslaco. It just proves Weslaco’s location and amenities attract outside visitors and shoppers.”


Hidalgo County cities in total posted a 2.54 gain with $11,323,469.90 collected this February, up from the $11,042,138.37 reported the same month in 2014. This, too, is a trend for Hidalgo County as increases of 3.82 percent, 3.21 percent, 5.78 percent and 7.83 percent have been reported the previous four months.


Year to date, Hidalgo County cities have collectively reported $51,841,488.37 in sales tax collections, which is 3.80 percent more than the $49,941,852.13 posted during the same period last year.

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August 11, 2014

Weslaco the EPICENTER of the Rio Grande Valley

Welcome to Weslaco, Texas! from WeslacoEDC on Vimeo.

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