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Mid-Valley Airport expansion nears completion

August 12, 2015


WESLACO — City officials have reported that the long-awaited Mid-Valley Airport expansion is nearing completion.

The $7 million project, which broke ground in August 2014, includes the 1,000-foot extension of its runway, in length, and 5 additional feet to its width, according to Vanessa Barrios, Business Retention and Marketing Director for the Weslaco Economic Development Corp.

It was in June 2013 when the City Commission authorized the EDC to increase its share of the Texas Department of Transportation’s Aviation Division construction project from $250,000 to $361,776.

“The local cost share between the city and the EDC was $723,952 at the time,” Barrios said of the $7.2 million expansion.

Rehabilitated taxiways, extended runway lights and new drainage installations were the result of such efforts.

“The airport expansion will also help accommodate corporate airplanes carrying up to 20 people for business ventures in the Rio Grande Valley as well as military aircraft in the event of a crisis,” she said.

Recently, City Manager Mike Perez said that little was left to be completed in the project with the exception of striping.

The lighted runway measured in 5,000 feet before the expansion.

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Weslaco, Texas, Enhances Retail Recruitment Strategy with The Retail Coach

July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015/in News /by Carmen Cristo

Centrally located within the Rio Grande Valley Metroplex is Weslaco, a thriving South Texas town with a rapidly growing population.

Recently, the community has welcomed a variety of new retail businesses, including Chick-Fil-A, Walmart Neighborhood Market, Motel 6 and TruFit Athletic Club, with Chipotle Mexican Grill and Dunkin’ Donuts opening by Fall 2015.

While the City has had some success in retail projects in the last several years, City leaders are preparing to take a more comprehensive approach to recruitment.

“New opportunities and the potential for more growth are presented, so a comprehensive approach is needed,” said Joey Trevino, Executive Director of the Economic Development Corporation of Weslaco.

“Weslaco also wants to see that existing retail thrives. The Retail Coach will offer workshops and strategies for our merchants to gain market share and increase their sales.”

The Retail Coach, the nation’s leading market research and retail recruitment firm, has been creating customized strategies for communities like Weslaco for more than 15 years.

“I believe The Retail Coach can help Weslaco in recruiting those retailers and restaurants that will make us more of a destination and provide the diversity that our citizens and neighboring community would like to see,” said Weslaco Mayor David Suarez.

Retail Study Components

The Retail Coach has begun its work with the City by conducting a Retail Trade Area Determination, or the broader region from which the City is attracting consumers. The next step is performing a Retail Gap Analysis, which will identify the retail goods and services that consumers are leaving Weslaco for.

“We know many retailers are considering Weslaco, and The Retail Coach can help us plan for anticipated growth and recruit the businesses that most suit our area’s needs,” said Trevino.

Additionally, The Retail Coach will compile demographic and psychographic reports, as well as a workplace population study, which will differentiate between the individuals living and working in the City.

“Our approach is very hands-on,” said Senior Vice President Aaron Farmer.

“We want to get to know Weslaco as if we were a resident, so that when we recruit new retail, we know we are choosing brands that are the best fit for the community.”

Using data specific to Weslaco and national and regional site selectors’ criteria, the team will create a Retailer Match List, or businesses that would likely be successful and welcomed in Weslaco. Customized marketing packages will be sent to contacts with these national and regional brands and developers in hopes of recruiting them to Weslaco.

“We know many retailers are considering Weslaco, and The Retail Coach can help us plan for anticipated growth and recruit the businesses that most suit our area’s needs,” said Trevino.

“The Retail Coach brings a wealth of experience locally as well as nationally. They also have great access to national and regional retailers,” said Trevino.

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