They share economic panorama of the South Valley of Texas

Published by: Mexico Industry, Anayancy Ulloa Luna
Date: June 1, 2022

Headline: They share economic panorama of the South Valley of Texas

Representatives of economic development corporations from Mission, McAllen, Pharr, Edinburg and Weslaco, Texas, shared with companies and organizations from the South Valley of Texas the investment outlook for this region. Each one presented the achievements and projects that correspond to the year that covers the third quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022, including projects of new companies in different lines, as well as expansions in companies, businesses and industrial parks in the area.

Ralph Garcia, vice president of the McAllen Economic Development Corporation; Daniel Silva, executive director of the Mission Economic Development Corporation; Janie Cavazos, business development manager for the Pharr Economic Development Corporation; Blanca Dávila, director of the Edinburg Economic Development Corporation; and Steven Valdez, director of the Weslaco Economic Development Corporation, shared updates on current new business development, expansion, and relocation activity, as well as their perspective on the current state of the industry, the impact that had the Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and workforce challenges in the airline industry.


Blanca Dávila highlighted that Driscoll Children's Hospital (DHR) will generate 500 new jobs and will have an investment of 10 million dollars. 

He also mentioned that the South Texas System Tower will create 300 jobs in the city with an investment of five million dollars or more.

He announced the opening of RGV Tours and other businesses that will be opening in Edinburg during May.


Ralph García mentioned that after the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies, as well as the supply chain and other businesses, were affected by the growth they had been seeing.

In his presentation, he disclosed some investment projects that could be established in Reynosa, Tamaulipas; one is Interactive Engineering, which will create about 100 jobs. Paper Arm is a manufacturer of blocks, which are covers that go on trucks.

Another company is Jenies Companies, which is a supplier to Marmon Foods, and will create 150 jobs. It will occupy a 53,000-square-foot space in this border city.

He added that by 2022 they will be working on 24 projects, some of them in the industrial sector of call centers , distribution, e-commerce , consumer goods, engineering, robotics and energy, to name a few.

Another project, still confidential and that could also be established in Reynosa, has begun construction of 720,000 square feet in stage I, and in six months they will begin construction of stage II that will involve 650,000 square feet and will create 500 jobs.

In addition, a project of more than 150,000 square feet for Reynosa, a city where they are looking for the right space and analyzing available buildings according to their requirements.


Daniel Silva mentioned that in Mission they are focusing on industrial spaces. He announced that the construction of a project by the Killam Development company, which includes 175 acres and includes residential, business and industrial developments, was inaugurated on May 3.

"We are seeing that a client is requiring a new expansion opportunity and with this we are excited to start seeing more growth," said Silva.

He also highlighted that there is another project that contemplates an industrial space of 550,000 square feet.



Janie Cavazos presented the new businesses starting operations at Pharr, as well as expansions. She explained that these are sectors such as the automotive, medical, consumer goods, textiles and perishables.

Each project involves the investment of millions of dollars, as well as thousands of square feet that will be occupied in the Pharr area; in addition to implying the generation of jobs in the area.

Cavazos highlighted that the total investment in the projects that the city of Pharr has is 234.4 million dollars, and the total square feet that will be absorbed is 1,415 million, 622 square feet in new construction; while 946 new jobs will be generated.



Steven Valdez mentioned that in Weslaco they have been seeing growth in this city, mainly due to the development that is being generated in the region.

"During the pandemic, many small businesses received financial support, even with the modality or philosophy of staying at home, the city had growth in this sector," he said.

He explained that many commercial businesses have been developing in Weslaco, an example is Palm Plaza, built in the 1970s and for which they have found a developer who has been doing some remodeling and adjusting larger spaces.

Among other projects, he highlighted that they carried out an expansion in the industrial park that had 350 acres, and because they no longer had more capacity, they acquired 150 more acres located off FM 1015 and Mile 9. 

In May they held two openings at the Weslaco Industrial Park; These are two cold storage warehouses, one of which is 45,000 square feet.

"Good things are happening in the various sectors of Weslaco, growth and opportunities are in sight with the projects and jobs that have been generated," said Steven Valdez.