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Weslaco advantage
  • Central Location

  • General Aviation Airport

  • Infrastructure

  • Affordable Living

  • International Business

  • Skilled and Educated Workforce

  • Central Location

    As the Rio Grande Valley fosters a more regional perspective, Weslaco is well positioned to accommodate the needs of logistics, manufacturing and higher education because of it's central location to a growing regional population of over 1.4 million.

  • General Aviation Airport

    Located just 20 minutes from McAllen and Harlingen the Mid Valley Airport is free of heavy traffic, congested runways with immediate access to International Flight Services such as onsite Border Patrol Protection for travelers and cargo and is adjacent to large industry and manufacturing plants located in the Industrial Park of Weslaco. Fly into Weslaco and explore the Rio Grande Valley.

  • Infrastructure

    The City of Weslaco has committed over 17 million dollars over a 5-year period towards continued improvements to roads, water and sewer, disaster preparedness and telecommunications with fast and efficient road connections to international bridges, an overweight corridor and interstate highways.

  • Affordable Living

    The landscape of Weslaco features hard working, tradition based families pursuing a better life where affordable lifestyles include a healthy blend of moderate and sophisticated homes, family friendly parks, energetic festivals and multiple entertainment options for all budgets.

  • International Business

    Weslaco’s proximity to the international border to Mexico means that our economies are co-dependent and vital to each other’s success. Mexico’s new toll roads have systematically diverted most of its fruits & vegetable cargo through 13 international border bridges along the Texas/Mexico border, giving way to an explosion of cold storage facilities and a constant flow of Mexican National shoppers and investors as well as close proximity to industrial markets in Rio Bravo, Reynosa and Matamoros. Weslaco is also a partner in the Hidalgo Free Trade Zone.

  • Skilled and Educated Workforce

    The influence of a hardworking and educated workforce in Weslaco is fueling the growth of a more advanced workforce in technology related jobs and creating high paying salaried positions. Weslaco is home to three major universities & colleges with extensions from University of Texas RGV, Texas A&M and South Texas College along with the Valley Grande Institute nursing school and South Texas Vocational Technical Institute.



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  • Population growth
  • Employment
  • Demographics
  • Job growth
  • Population growth

    2019 Census


    Growth Rate


    Population under age 30


  • Employment

    Top 4 Industries reported in 2017



    Average wage of Top 4 Industries


    Unemployment Rate


  • Demographics



    Avg Annual Income


    Winter Texans

    Average age 72.3

    2017-2018 106, 000 migrants spent $528 million locally Primarily from Midwestern U.S. states and Canada
  • Job growth

    Increase in new Jobs in 2016


    Major Industries with +250 employees


    Targeted Industries: - Logistics - Supply Companies - Agriculture Research - Education



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  • Healthcare

    National Award Winning Full Service Hospital

    Health care services include a nationally ranked, full service hospital, urgent and emergency care providers, pharmaceutical resources and three certified school nursing programs. 

  • Economic Impact Study of the RGV Healthcare & Bioscience Industry

    For results click here

    Economic Impact Study of the RGV Healthcare & Bioscience Industry
  • Knapp Community Care Foundation

    A nonprofit private foundation, formed in fall of 2012 with assets of $110 million. KCCF has granted over $16 million to local and national organizations..


    Knapp Community Care Foundation
  • Knapp Medical Center earned an “A”

    Knapp Medical Center earned an “A” for patient safety in spring 2018, from the Leapfrog Group, a national healthcare ratings organization. 

    Knapp Medical Center earned an “A”
  • Valley Baptist Micro-Hospital-Weslaco

    A single-story acute care hospital used for the accommodation and medical care of low-acuity patients and the provisions of ambulatory and emergency services. 

    Valley Baptist Micro-Hospital-Weslaco
  • Supply Companies

    Supply Companies located in Weslaco


    The supply industry sustains skill and salary level jobs with a revolving inventory to service industry and manufacturing in a four county region.

    Supply Companies
  • Logistics

    Headquarters to ColiMex, Ci Logistics & NAMCE

    Weslaco’s central location to Texas and Mexico allows logistics companies to distribute products fast and efficiently.

  • Education

    Major University / College Extensions in Weslaco


    Higher education in the RGV has concentrated efforts on expanding in the Mid Valley as a primary means of growth and deploying a well-educated talent pool. 

  • Agriculture Research

    Home to Texas A & M AgriLife Extension and DuPont/Pioneer

    Anchored in Weslaco are seed developers and suppliers like DuPont/Pioneer and research-based programs from Texas A & M AgriLife Extensions, improving farming on an international scale.


    Agriculture Research
  • Retail

    Increase of new Jobs (2001 - 2015)


    Surrounding communities, Winter Texans from the north and Mexican shoppers from the south, make up nearly half a million shoppers choosing Weslaco’s retail industry.

Creating opportunities

EDC Initiatives

  • Economic Development Corporation of Weslaco (EDCW) COVID-19 Weslaco Small Business Recovery Assistance Loan/Grant Program Application

    In response to the adverse economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Economic Development Corporation of Weslaco (EDC) has developed a COVID-19 Weslaco Small Business Recovery Assistance Loan/Grant Program to provide assistance to Weslaco-based businesses suffering from financial impacts related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

  • University of Texas RGV CIC

    UTRGV's distinguished presence in Weslaco includes the Center for Innovations and Commercialization, (CIC), cultivating ambitious entrepreneurs along with the University's 5 to 10 growth plan that promises an even greater impact on Weslaco's ascending economy.

  • Façade, Renovations & Improvements

    The EDC's Weslaco 100 Program offers reimbursement grants for businesses along the historic downtown district that struggle to maintain the structural integrity of near century old buildings. Grants cover half the cost of roof, electrical, plumbing, and facade improvements essential to the beautification of downtown.

  • Mid Valley Airport

    Mid Valley Airport should continue to cater to the general aviation market in which it currently serves. However the following industries are well suited to grow, expand, and or relocate to the airport in the future.

    1. Corporate Business Jets
    2. Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Business
    3. Flight Training and Educational Institutions
    4. Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing
    5. Based General Aviation Aircraft

  • Texas A & M University Kingsville
  • Small businesses to benefit from STC job training grant awarded by Weslaco EDC

    The Institute for Advanced Manufacturing (IAM) at STC specializes in building a manufacturing workforce through quality-customized training.

    Customized training involves over 300 courses at STC that have been tailored for the needs of local industry. The strength of the college lies in modifying, customizing, or developing new courses that companies need in order to thrive in the region.

Corporate Presence