City of Weslaco sees Increase in New Housing

Published by: KRGV, Cassandra Garcia
Date: November 14, 2022

If you’ve driven through Weslaco recently, you might’ve noticed a lot of new housing popping up all over the city.

In the last two years, more than a thousand acres of land in Weslaco has been turned into residential property.

Weslaco Planning and Code Enforcement Director Rebekah De La Fuente has seen the growth first hand.

"Before, we would probably get maybe 20 subdivisions a year," De La Fuente said. "Now, I'm getting three subdivisions a week."

De La Fuente believes developers are flocking to Weslaco because it’s conveniently located in the middle of the Valley.

"We do know that the residents of Weslaco tend to commute probably to nearby cities, but it’s their hometown and so it’s a great location,” said Esperanza Homes Sales Manager Kassandra Gonzalez. “There’s a lot of empty space for a lot of potential growth—in retail space as well."

Esperanza Homes is beginning construction on a new subdivision just off of Texas Boulevard. In the last year, Weslaco also saw a shift from building single-family homes to building apartments.

“We’re seeing 1,900 new apartment units, so we’re putting in more families per lot than we did in the past,” De La Fuente said. “So rather than having one family on one lot 6,000 square feet, you have four families.”

City leaders say they're hoping the boom in residential housing will bring more businesses into the area.