Valdez: Recruiting Glazer's Beer & Beverage is like Weslaco winning the Super Bowl

WESLACO, Texas – The arrival of Glazer’s Beer & Beverage at the new 150-acre Mid Valley International Industrial Park is Weslaco’s equivalent of winning the Super Bowl.

This is the view of Steve Valdez, executive director of Weslaco Economic Development Corporation. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is monumental. This is Weslaco winning the Super Bowl. This is a dream come true for the EDC and the City of Weslaco,” Valdez said, at a groundbreaking ceremony held at the new industrial park. 

Dallas-based Glazer’s is moving its Rio Grande Valley warehouse and distribution operations from McAllen to Weslaco. The company will be the anchor tenant at Mid Valley International Industrial Park when it completes the construction of a giant $30 million warehouse and distribution center covering 253,200 square feet. Around 200 jobs will be created. 

“The landscape of this area will change forever,” Valdez said. “Imagine driving along FM 1015. It’s not going to look the same from this day forward.

“As we mentioned, the 40, 45, foot tall walls that will be seen off of 1015; it’ll be a jaw-dropping experience as people drive by and see this monumental building.”

Valdez predicted Glazer’s will be the catalyst for further growth.

“Today is just the beginning of how our economy in Weslaco will begin to transition (as we) turn this 150 acres into a job creating machine on overdrive,” Valdez said.

“If you aren’t blown away today it’s okay. Because you will, as you see the results of this day, in one year, five years and even 40 years.”

Valdez gave his explanation on why the negotiations to bring Glazer’s to Weslaco were a success.

“To me this is really a lesson about relationships. Relationships are very important and they stem back to the very day that a phone call was made to former city manager Mike Perez,” Valdez said.

“And, because of that relationship and that phone call… had that not happened who knows where we would have been today.”

Valdez said once his EDC leadership team met with Matt Swilling and Will Herring and presented Weslaco as a viable option, the relationship started working both ways. 

Swilling is GBB’s vice president of sales, operations and business strategy. Herrin is GBB’s vice president of operations.

“It wasn’t us just courting… we started seeing some reciprocation from that relationship and Glazer’s level of interest increasing.”

Valdez said Weslaco EDC felt so comfortable with the relationship it was developing with Glazer’s that he and his colleagues came up with new names for those they were in negotiations with. Thus, Matt became Matteo and Will became Memo.

“We love the fact that we’ve adopted them into our culture and into our family.”

Valdez said he could tell that Swilling was an experienced and impressive negotiator.

“Maybe a little intimidating,” Valdez said of the 6 foot five inch Swilling. 

In response, Valdez said, he turned to Weslaco’s own giant, Mayor David Suarez. 

“The mayor is not 6’ 5” but he brings to our Weslaco corner stability in this negotiation process, and he really helped us develop a sensible incentive opportunity and option for our EDC board to review. And here we are today.”

Valdez predicted other companies would follow the lead of Glazer’s when considering their future investment. “And again, we go back to what matters, it is those relationships that we foster, that continue to grow,” he said.

The people of Weslaco will hear more about the Glazer family, Valdez predicted. 

“In so many conversations with Matteo and Will early on they had communicated to us how important it was for them to become an integral part of our community and to support our growth and quality of life. 

“Relationships again have set the pace of what we have started here today.”

Editor’s Note: The above news story is the second in a three-part series on the move of Glazer’s Beer & Beverage to Weslaco, Texas. Click here to read part one, which features the analysis of Orman Anderson, chief financial officer for Glazer’s.