Beautifying the Entire City of Weslaco, One Grant at a Time

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WESLACO, Texas –
 The EDC of Weslaco (EDCW) is excited to announce that the Façade Renovations and Improvements Grant will now be broadened to include businesses within the entire city limits of Weslaco. Since its inception, the Grant solely aimed at supporting businesses situated within the primary stretch of Texas Blvd. and a section of Old Business 83. 

“With a vibrant and established downtown area, the EDCW Board of Directors decided it was time to expand the Grant to include businesses within the entire city limits,” said Juan J. Serrano, EDCW Board President. 

The Façade Renovations and Improvements Grant offered by EDCW is a 50/50 match that aims to beautify and enhance the visual appeal of buildings by providing financial support to business owners who undertake restoration and improvements to their retail and commercial operations. 

“First impressions are at the core of the Façade Grant in Weslaco,” says Steven Valdez, Executive Director for the EDC of Weslaco. “When you’re impressed with what you see on the outside, you’re more likely to go inside and shop.” 

The Grant application requests will need to be submitted before the commencement of work (work in progress will not be considered) and improvements are to be approved by the EDC of Weslaco Board of Directors. It can typically take 1 to 2 months for the grant application to go through the review process, provided all documentation is received.

The expansion of the Grant has brought along a new set of requirements that include the exclusion of areas beyond the city limits of Weslaco and imposing for retail and commercial operations to generate taxable sales of a minimum of $36,400 annually.

If you are interested in applying for the Façade Renovations and Improvements Grant, please contact us at 956-969-0838, visit us at, or stop by our office located at 275 S. Kansas Avenue, Weslaco, TX 78596.