Weslaco opens 158-acre park for businesses, ´new jobs'

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WESLACO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The City of Weslaco is expanding its development and economic progress with the establishment of its newest 158-acre industrial park.

Weslaco’s newest Mid-Valley Industrial Park is expected to bring business opportunities to local, national and international distribution companies.

“This ready-to-go infrastructure can significantly accelerate the establishment or expansion of businesses, and provide them with a prime location to succeed,” Steven Valdez, Executive Director for the Economic Development Corporation of Weslaco said.

Mid-Valley Industrial Park is located on International Boulevard and Sugarcane Drive.

EDCW says the park is located in a prime area that is centrally located in the Rio Grande Valley with easy access to major highways, international bridges and public safety buildings.

They also announced 30% of the property at the Industrial Park has been acquired so far.

“Hopefully, [the industrial park] creates new jobs,” Adrian Gonzalez, Mayor of Weslaco said. “People are gonna want to shop here, people are going to want to buy their houses here and move to Weslaco. It’s a benefit all around.”